Research of Jet Coupling Method of AUT for Weld Seam of SAWL

Lei Huang, Xin-Wei Zhao, Chan-Gan Wang, Zhuan-Zhao Yang, Jin-Hui Wu


The actuality analysis and systematic research of jet coupling method Automated Ultrasonic Testing(AUT) for the weld seam of Longitudinal Submerged Arc Welding (SAWL) pipe have been done. It’s certain that jet coupling method AUT for the weld seam of SAWL pipe can be fully achieved by means of Partition testing. Research mainly includes the following aspects, such as probe arrangement and distribution, detection threshold setting, reference block design, artificial defect selection, testing result display and record, etc. The research results provide a reference for the method research of AUT jet coupling method for the weld seam of SAWL pipe, and also give some basis for formulating the standard of jet coupling method AUT for the weld seam of SAWL pipe.


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