Life Cycle Assessment on Pulverized Coal Fired Heating Industry Boiler

Guo-Li Qi, Zhong-Wei Wang, Jian Guan, Song-Song Zhang, Xue-Min Liu, Yong-Qiang Chang


By using life cycle assessment (LCA), to selective analysis pulverized coal fired heating industry boiler on construction cost, operational phase recourse and energy consumption, establish LCA list, and to carry out pulverized coal fired industry boiler resource consumption, energy consumption, environmental impact and cost evaluation, the result shows that in the entire boiler life cycle, coal has the largest resource depletion coefficient which reached 93% and the next was natural gas and the limestone; although the operational cost was obvious higher than the construction cost in the pulverized coal fired industry boiler’s internal cost, but construction cost still reached above 40% which related to the short operating time in single year of pulverized coal fired heating industry boiler; and the highest proportion of the boiler external cost was global warming.


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