Physical, Mechanical and Surface Properties of Calendered PVC Films Filled with Bentonite and Pectin

Eugene Sivtsov, Maya Uspenskaya, Kseniia Volkova, Evgeny Belukhichev


The influence of bentonite and pectin as PVC fillers taken in the amount up to 10% is considered on thermal stability, processability, strength, elasticity and surface properties of PVC films obtained by rolling used as a simplified model of calendering. The effect of heat treatment on the films colour was estimated when colour was used as a parameter indicating the degree of degradation by mechanism of formation of sequences of polyconjugated double bonds. To solve the problem of suitability of bentonite and pectin as fillers optical methods of investigation, thermomechanical analysis, thermogravimetry, DSC were used. Recommendations on application of bentonite and pectin in PVC formulations were given.


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