Numerical Studies on the Interface Features Experiments of Geogrids

Tang Xiaosong, Wang Yongfu, Feng Yushi


Geogrids is widely used because of its effective interlocking with the surrounding soil, the improvement to the mechanic properties of soil and the low costs. At present, indoors experiments of interface features are conducted to study the reinforcement mechanism of geogrids, including the tests of direct shear and pullout. Due to the limitation of facility sizes and other experimental conditions, most current experiments do not completely consider the actual mechanic situation of geogrids in practical engineering. So new methods should be worked out. Based on numerical methods, the paper respectively studies the features of direct shear friction and pullout friction of geogrids to analyze the influences of vertical distances between geogrids and the thickness of salient points on the interface features. The research shows that the strength indexes of interface are relatively larger and the functions of reinforcement are stronger when the vertical distances between geogrids are smaller and the thickness of salient points are larger. The results of the study indicate that to identify the reasonable strength indexes of geogrids interface based on numerical methods is feasible.


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