Effect of Activated Carbon Prepared from Grapefruit Peel on the Treatment of Heavy Metal Copper

Cheng Hui Han, Rui Min Zhang, Ting Cheng, Xiao Zhang


Grapefruit peel was a kind of agricultural waste. The experiments used the grapefruit peel as raw material to prepare activated carbon, which was an adsorbent to absorb heavy metal Cu2+ ions. The pore structure of activated carbon was analyzed. The adsorption performance and impact factors on heavy metal Cu2+ ions were studied. The results showed that, the specific surface area of the prepared activated carbon was 1167.9m2/g. The pore volume was 1.34cm3/g, and the average pore diameter was 4.6 nm. When the adsorption time was 90 minutes, the adsorption reached equilibrium, and the adsorption efficiency was 91.2%. The adsorption temperature and pH value of the solution had great effect on the adsorption rate of Cu2+ ions. The optimum adsorption temperature was 30℃, and the optimum pH value was 7. The active carbon of grapefruit peel had better adsorption performance to Cu2+ ions. The Langmuir equation could describe the adsorption behavior of the prepared activated carbon to Cu2+ ions, and the maximum adsorption capacity was 117.6 mg/g.


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