Si Diffusion Effects on Aluminum/Steel Composite Material Interface

Bi Jian-hua, Li Long, Zhou De-jing


Among three layer solder aluminum/aluminum/08Al steel composite material preparation, by choosing different middle aluminum Si content (0.4wt% and 0.6wt%), and the three layer composite filler metals of rolling aluminum/middle aluminum/08Al steel composite material are different brazing process, by means of metallographic microscope, scanning electron microscope and EDS spectrometer, study the spread of the Si of three layer composite filler metals aluminum/aluminum/08Al steel composites middle aluminum/08Al steel interface compound growth behavior. Results show that when Si content in the aluminum layer is 0.4wt% to 0.6wt%, aluminum thickness about 50~60μm, the brazing process insulation (610+2℃, 6min), middle aluminum/08Al steel composite interface generated intermetallic compounds; When the brazing temperature phase at the same time, with the increase of holding time, the spread of the Si element increase, middle aluminum/08Al steel composite interface Si content increased, decreased the melting point of aluminum alloy, promote the formation of intermetallic compound and the interface grew up, the composition of compound for Al5Fe2, (Al,Si)3Fe1+Al3Fe, Al4.5FeSi and Al71Fe19Si10; As the extension of simulation brazing heat preservation time, Si element to the middle of solder alloy aluminum/08Al steel interface diffusion is more obvious.


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