Research on the Process Optimization Strategy of the Non-uniform Allowance of Ultrathin Blade with 6061 Aluminum Alloy

Yan Wu, Bo-Xin Lv, Gang Zheng, Qiong Zhou


Large deformation and cutting vibration is an important problem in the process of manufacturing ultrathin blade of integral impeller, thus the deformation of the ultrathin blade under concentrated load is analyzed in this paper. The non-uniform allowance process is applied to optimize the manufacturing process of impeller,by which the manufacturing experiment is done on impeller. The results show that the maximum error optimization rate is 62.06% and the average error optimization rate is 55.47%, thus the strategy can effectively reduce the milling deformation of ultrathin blade, especially the manufacturing error of the front blade and the trailing edge with poor rigidity. The research is of significance to the actual production of integral impeller with complex curve surface, and also suitable for the unusual-shaped blade.


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