Research of Tide Level Consistency Correction for Nanjing Station

Yang Wang, Chuanzhe Li, Mengjie Zhang, Jia Liu, Fuliang Yu, Jiyang Tian, Hanjiang Nie


For inconsistency phenomenon of tide level data series of tidal reach of downstream for Qinhuai River, we take the annual highest tide level from 1947 to 2010 of Nanjing Xiaguan Station for example, analyze its wavelet to determine energy cycle of the series, and make consistency correction on the series with the use of the extracted trend term of each year for tide level data. Analyze the correlativity between the tide level datum of Qixiang estuary and Jiuxiang estuary into the Yangtze River from Nanjing Station and the Qinhuai East River, establish prediction model of tide level into the Yangtze River estuary from the Qinhuai East River through regression analysis, and make use of the corrected tide level series to predict the high and low tidal levels into the Yangtze River estuary from the Qinhuai East River. The results show that this method corrects the rising trend of tide level data of many years for the measured data, the established regression model can achieve better prediction accuracy.1


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