The Tunable Research of Intelligent Flexible Aqueous Metamaterials Absorber

Lian-sheng Wang, Dong-yan Xia, Yuan Wang, Xue-yong Ding


The aqueous metamaterials absorber has the advantages of better toughness and so on, it has great prospect at practical application. The tunable aqueous metamaterials absorber was designed based on temperature, dissolved solids concentration, quality and shape in this paper for its better practical application. Its absorption property and mechanism was studied using Microwave studio CST. The results showed that the absorption frequency gradually shifted to higher frequency with the increasing of temperature; the absorption rate gradually increased with the increasing of dissolved solids concentration; the aqueous metamaterials absorber based on water and sea had absorption peaks, but the absorption peak disappeared at the case of distilled water; the absorption frequency shifted to higher frequency with the decreasing of dimensions. The research results laid foundation for the practical achievement and better application of intelligent tunable aqueous metamaterials absorber.


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