As(III) Removal from Groundwater by Nanofiltration Combination with Pretreatments

Zhiwei Liu, Feiyu Hong, Xiaowei Wang


As the drinking water sources of groundwater, the excessive arsenic has been a public health problem. Intake of water with excessive arsenic will cause acute or chronic damage to human body health. As(III) was hardly removed by NF membrane from drinking water with rejection rates less than 31%. The choice of preoxidation technologies to convert As(Ⅲ) into As(V) was significant. It was shown that the preferable air to water volume at 5: 1 aeration and 2 hours, a maxim efficiency oxidation for convertion As(III) into the As(V) reached 89%. It was observed that the preoxidation treatment with NaClO mol ratio of 4 ~ 10 and stirring for 30 minutes, the efficiency of NaClO preoxidation As(III) to As(V) reached 65.38% ~ 78.85%. The arsenic concentration in the produced water was less than or close to national drinking water standard.


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