Area-selective Interfacial Bonding in Cu/Si Composites and Its Effect on Thermal Diffusivity

Hui Cai, Bo Zhang, Wei Jiang, Yang Zhang, Cheng Peng


Unlike using diffusion barriers to control the severe Cu-Si reactions at elevated temperature, the area-selective interfacial reaction was achieved by a simple sol dipping pretreatment of Si powders to preserve the as-received components during the hot pressing of Cu/Si composites. The results indicate that the Cu and Si components are well preserved after hot pressing at 700 ℃ for 30 min in vacuum. In the prepared composites, the Si particle and Cu matrix bond together via Cu-Si compounds (e.g. Cu3Si) in some areas at Cu/Si interface, but separate in the other interfacial areas due to the presence of microcracks, suggesting the area-selective interfacial bonding. Furthermore, the composites possess an enhanced thermal diffusivity of 25.7 mm2/s.


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