Special Working Media for Laser Plasma Generators

Loktionov Egor, Protasov Yuriy


For condensed matter, laser ablation has been mainly considered for solids since high energy density can be reached in a surface layer, and plasma plume consists of light particles with a high speed. Although applied research has revealed numerous problems with reliable, long-term, exchangeable solid medium supply in industrial laser plasma generators prototypes. Despite feeding systems numerous advantages, poor laser ablation performance has been discovered for liquids even after special efforts. We have suggested and experimentally evaluated possible benefits for making laser plasma generators working media UV curable and magneto rheological – being supplied in liquid and irradiated in solid form. Depending on parameter (specific mass flow rate, momentum coupling, specific impulse, energy efficiency), performance improvement varied from 10-s of percents to 3 orders of magnitude at corresponding dopants concentrations down to percents. Use of special dopants considered could help to resolve main media supply problems for laser plasma generators.


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