Sulfonation and Application of A Polysaccharide as High Inhibitive Drilling Fluid Additive

Xue-Fan Gu, Qiang Zhang, Chao Cheng, Jie Zhang, Gang Chen


To improve the solubility of a kind of plant polysaccharide derivative (SJ) in drilling fluid system, it was modified by sulfonation with sodium 3-chloride-2-hydroxy-propyl sulphonate (CHPS) as sulfonating reagent. The reaction conditions were investigated by orthogonal designed experiments, and the optimized conditions were as follows: the mass ratio of CHPS to SJ is 0.6g/1g with pH 12 at the temperature of 90℃. The viscosity of sulfonated SJ (SJS) drilling fluid system was greatly improved and the temperature had a slight effect on rheological properties below 120℃. The inhibitive property of SJS is evaluated by clay-swelling tests and the mud ball immersing tests, which is obviously stronger than SJ and even more effective than 4wt% KCl solution.


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