A Novel Composite Based on Tetraphenylporphin for Enhanced Photodynamic Therapy

Le Pan, Bing Han, Yuhua Shen, Anjian Xie


Despite photodynamic therapy (PDT) advantages over current cancer treatments, PDT still has yet not to gain general clinical acceptance because of low singlet oxygen generation of currently approved PDT photosensitizers. Herein, a novel composite of singlet oxygen enhancement was made up of phosphotungstic acid(PTA) and 5,10,15,20-tetraphenylporphin (TPP) by a simple method. TPP as the energy acceptor of fluorescence resonance energy transfer can effectively convert emitted energy from energy donor PTA into additional singlet oxygen production effect for improving PDT. Efficient intraparticle energy transfers from PTA to TPP and high enhancements in TPP emission of PTA/TPP were observed. Moreover, the in vitro biocompatibility and in vitro photodynamic therapy of this composite was further investigated. These results suggest the PTA enhances singlet oxygen of TPP and the PTA/TPP composite is much more effective on antitumor compared with pure TPP. Our results suggest that PTA/TPP can act as a promising photosensitizer for cancer therapy in photodynamic therapy field.


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