Corrosion Behavior of Fluoride-free Phosphate Opal Glass in Hydrochloric Acid Solutions

Qingwei Wang, Lida Luo, Wei Ning, Zihao Li


High quality of opal glass container were more and more popular in the last few years, so their safety and chemical stability was paid more attention on. The corrosion behavior of hydrochloric acid on the phosphate opal glass was studied in the paper. In order to investigate the effect of acid on the opal glass, the different parameters such as concentration, temperature as a function of the time was researched. The results showed that opal glass exhibited good chemical stability, and the migration of alkali ion dominated the degradation of opal glass treated in hydrochloric acid on. The main glass network was stable, but the separated second phase would boost the deterioration of corrosion behavior, and results showed that the degraded velocity of P was twice as fast as that of B and Si.


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