Preparation of Iron Oxide Red with High Titanium Slag Recovery Dust

Xuejun Zhu, Jun Deng, Yi Zhang


High titanium slag production will generate a lot of dust containing some ferrotitanium resources. To make full use of the resources, the high titanium slag recovery dust is used to prepare the iron oxide red in the experimental study. The high titanium slag dust is treated by hydrochloric acid leaching heated under constant-pressure, and then hydrolytic acid leaching filtrate is heated under constant pressure to prepare iron oxide red and recover hydrochloric acid. The impacts of hcl concentration, acid leaching temperature and time, and hydrolysis concentration time on the productivity of iron oxide red are studied, and the analytical characterization is carried out for the product with XRF, XRD and IR. The results show that: 90% iron oxide red containing Fe2O3 can be obtained under the conditions i.e. HCl concentration of 6mol/L, reaction temperature of 90℃, acid leaching time of 5h, and hydrolysis concentration time of 1.5h, and the hydrochloric acid recovery rate exceeds 80%.


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