Quality Control Factors during Laser Forming Repair of Complex Surface Part

Kai Zhang, Xingyu Jiang, Xinmin Zhang


The Laser Forming Repair (LFR) is a state-of-the-art technology combining the Rapid Prototyping (RP) with the Laser Cladding (LC), which is the further application and development in the field of part repair and laser cladding. The metal powder was served as the raw material in LFR technology. LRF overcomes the shortcoming of conventional repair techniques, such as the weak bonding force and the repair position difficult to precisely control. In addition, the parts repaired by LRF possess the superior microstructure and properties. Besides, LRF removes the restriction of laser cladding technology on the shape, construct and thickness of cladding layer of parts. The factors influencing the quality of laser cladding layer are various, and there still exists many uncertain factors in the fabrication process. Therefore, the accomplishment of the best quality of cladding layer need accumulate abundant processing experience. Accordingly, it is necessary to find out the universal law between the processing parameters and the quality of laser cladding layer, build the quality prediction model suitable for the process control, and realize the control and prediction of the quality of laser cladding layer. As a result, the comprehensive investigation of quality control factors can achieve the intelligent control of laser machining process and the forecast of processing quality, reduce the technical requirements for operators, improve processing efficiency, and provide the basis for practical application.


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