A New Low-loss Niobate-based Microwave Dielectric Ceramic GaNbO4

Han Yang, Bin Tang, Shuren Zhang


In this work, the GaNbO4 microwave dielectric ceramics were studied for the first time. Ceramic samples were obtained via solid-state reaction method and could be sintered well in the temperature range of 1000°C–1080°C. Preparation, phase structure, grain morphology and microwave dielectric properties of GaNbO4 were investigated. It showed a novel microstructure that two allotropic GaNbO4 phases with different average grain sizes were coexisted in the GaNbO4 ceramics. The GaNbO4 sintered at 1060°C exhibited the excellent low-loss microwave dielectric properties of εr = 15.6, Q×f = 98,800 GHz (at 9.2 GHz), τf = -69.4 ppm/°C.


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