Experimental Study on the Impact of Pre-treatment Cleaning Process on DLC Coating Performance

Yan Wu, Yan-feng Li, Er-geng Zhang, Jie Zhao, Boxin Lv


A new diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating was deposited on high speed steel based on the cathodic arc technology, using two different kinds of cleaning technologies for processing sample#1 and sample#2 respectively. The morphology of the coating was investigated by FEI Quanta 200 FEG scanning electron microscopy. The adhesion of the diamond film to the inserts was evaluated with RHC indentation method. Then two kinds of coating binding force were figured out according to the indentation edge crack reference. The results showed that the coating surface was smooth, dense and no crack phenomenon with chemical and ultrasonic cleaning, and the bonding force level was HF1. Compared with ethanol cleaning, it had higher surface quality and bonding force with washing machine cleaning.1


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