A Study on the Wind Velocity Measuring According to the Opening Shapes Materials of High-rise Building Using CFD

Sun-Young Paek, Jang-Youl You, Hyeon-Ku Park, Ki-Pyo You


Recently, diverse BIWP(Building-Integrated Wind Power) generation systems for application to buildings have been attempted, but studies on the effects of wind power generators in the upper regions of high-rise buildings are lacking. In this study, CFD analyses were conducted on the changes in the shapes and crosssectional areas of openings in the upper regions of buildings for the installation of wind power generators. Among the shapes of openings, circles showed the highest wind velocity, followed by squares and rectangles. In addition, with regard to the changes in wind angles, the maximum wind velocity value appeared when the wind angle was 30°, and the wind velocity rapidly decreased when the wind angle was 45° or larger.


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