Numerical Simulation on the Effects of Punch Hardness on Deformation of Superalloy Thin-walled Sheet

Binxian Yuan, Wa Fang, Jiguang Li, Zhongjin Wang


Previous research work shows that the normal pressure can promote the formability of the sheet metal, in this paper we analyze how the normal pressure affects the deformation behavior of the Ni-base superalloy sheet metal. From the point of feasibility of technology, the bulging test was taken to evaluate the formability of Ni-base superalloy sheet. The overlapping sheet with strengthening effect was loaded to the forming sheet, rigid punch, polyurethane rubber and viscous medium were selecetd as various hardness punches. The FEM analysis of overlapped GH4169 in different forming methods were carried out thirogh finite element analysis software DEFORM-2D. It is shown that the strain state of the overlapped sheet viscous pressure bulging process have a more uniform distribution and smaller variation gradient.1


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