Analysis and Suppression of Harmonics Generated on Offshore Oil Production Platform

Qing Cheng, Cheng Chen, Guangbing Ran, Huayi Xiao


With the continuous development of offshore oil industry, an increasing number of offshore oil production platforms will appear in different large sea areas. For the offshore oil production platform grid, which is an independent and small power distribution system far away from land, its power quality is extremely crucial. Various kinds of electrical and instrumental equipments have increasingly higher demand on the security and reliability of the power distribution system’s operation. However, when some nonlinear electrical devices and high capacity equipments start, they will generate a great amount of harmonic in the power distribution system on the platform and bring hidden trouble to various kinds of electricity load operations. Since this issue has aroused wide attention, the present paper takes the power distribution system of a central offshore oil production platform in an area of China’s sea as an example. First, it discusses the harm of harmonic in the power distribution system on the offshore oil production platform. Then, it proves the effect of harmonic suppression on the basis of a combination use of passive power filter (PPF) and active power filter (APF).


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