Influences of Recovery and Recrystallization Interannealing on Properties of Hard Drawn Aluminium Wire

Xuexia Xu, Yanting Feng, Dongyu Liu, Wenbin Li , Hui Fan, Qing Wang, Ersong Chen, Yunjian Jiang


Effects of heat treatment including annealing, especially recovery and recrystallization interannealing on properties of hard drawn aluminum wire were discussed. The experimental results showed that annealing influence properties of hard drawn aluminium wire significantly. Recovery at 180oC on hard drawn aluminum wire improved its electrical conductivity by 0.5% (IACS) without strength decrease. Interrecrystallization annealing at 300oC increased the conductivity of hard drawn aluminum wire by 1.5%IACS, but reduced its strength to 140MPa. Precipitation of supersaturated Fe from solid solution during recrystallization annealing process contributed mainly to the conductivity increasing of hard drawn aluminium wire.


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