Optimization of Culture Conditions for Production of Xanthine Oxidase by Arthrobacter sp. MU12

Zhongqin Li, Mao Lin, Xinglong Jiang, Xiaojian Lai, Xiaoping Xu


Xanthine oxidase is a key enzyme catalyzing the metabolism of purine bases. The present study isolated a new Arthrobacter strain with an ability of synthesizing high activity xanthine oxidase and diversity of stereo-specific properties. Statistical experimental designs were applied for the optimization of xanthine oxidase production by Arthrobacter sp. MU12 in shake-flask cultivation. The fermentation variables were selected in accordance with the Plackett-Burman design and were further optimized via response surface methodology. The most significant variables influencing xanthine oxidase production were (NH4) 2SO4, xanthine and CaCl2 and these factors were subsequently optimized using a Box-Behnken design. The predicted results indicated that the maximum enzyme yield(4.835 U/mL) could be obtained under the optimized conditions of (NH4) 2SO4 3.01482 g.L-1, xanthine 0.67538 g.L-1, CaCl2 4.48724 mg.L-1, which was considerably higher than results obtained using the original conditions. This environment friendly method(biological treatment) can be regarded as an effective way to produce xanthine oxidase.


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