A Novel Nested Assignment Algorithm for Agile Command and Control Organization

Wei Shi, Yanghe Feng, Shiru Huang


The Command and Control (C2) system plays the dominant role in the military organization. With the incensement of military mission’s complexity, the uncertainty and unfamiliar are the major challenges for the tasks and planners assignment in C2 organization. Recently, the agility is highlighted in the next generation of C2 organization, called agile C2. In order to address on assignment for decision-maker and tasks in the agile way, we present a novel assignment algorithm based the nested optimization. We discretize the time-domain in the way of horizon partition. Based the smaller time scale, the nested assignment for decision-maker and tasks can be improved in both time and space complexity. In a simulated case of multi-force joint operation, the proposed algorithm shows the significant improvement compared to the baseline assignment of C2 organization.


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