Development and Application of Intelligent Optical Network Technology

Tiesheng Liu, Qiuye Xia, Wei Lu, Yi Wei


Because the network application scope unceasing expansion, the demand for information is increasing, the requirements of optical transmission network technology is more and more high, so it determines the optical network technology needs continuous development and innovation, and the development trend of optical network technology is the intelligent optical network technology. Intelligent optical network technology is the typical automatic switched optical network (ASON) technology [1]. After many years of research and development, this technology has finally been applied to the actual.

With the continuous progress of society and the rapid innovation of science and technology, the traditional network technology has been unable to meet the requirements of people's life and work. In the traditional network has a lot of disadvantages, such as broadband distribution of data services is not flexible, low transmission efficiency[2]. Therefore, it is very important to develop an efficient, secure and reliable network according to the people's needs and the weakness of the traditional network. Intelligent optical network is to make up for the weakness of the traditional network and was developed by the network technology, can make people's life and work more convenient and efficient.


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