Finite Element Analysis of the Size Coefficient of Notched Specimen

Ning Huang, Jian-xiang Yang


Due to be insignificant size effect of smooth specimen under cyclic tensile load and difficult in doing fatigue test for large-scaled component, simulated-scaled model was created based on fatigue simulated test, size coefficient of notched sample was introduced, which aimed to estimate fatigue life. Because the determination of size factor usually requires a lot of experiments, it is timeconsuming and laborious. Based on the TCD (The Critical Distance) theory, the finite element method (FEM) of the dimension coefficient of notched specimen was presented, and the stress field model was obtained by the finite element analysis, the size factor could be easily obtained by uniting parameters of the fatigue properties of the material. Finally, the validity of this method was verified by a numerical example. The method provides a powerful tool for evaluating the fatigue properties of component.


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