Preparation of Micelle Supported Magnetic Hydroxylated Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes for Determination of PAHs

Ming-Yu Wang, Shao-Jun Zhang, En-Rui Zhao, Jia-Gan Li


A nano-scaled micelle supported Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticles decorated hydroxylated multi-walled carbon nanotubes material was synthesized. The material was facilely synthesized between carbon nanotubes and Fe2+. The prepared material used in dispersive solid-phase extraction for investigation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in seawater for the first time. The application showed good response (R2 > 0.9981) in the range of 0.02 – 1.0 μg/L, satisfactory reproducibility and high precision. Limits of detection of PAHs ranged from 0.009 to 0.018 μg/L (S/N=3). The spiked recovery of established method (72.65-96.54%) was 1.01 - 2.32 times higher than that of the conventional method, and the corresponding relative standard deviation (RSD) was in the range of 4.23-9.96%.


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