Design and Implementation of Housing Intermediary Enterprises Management System

Xiaodi Wang, Jie Meng, Yuan Zhang


1With the increasing development of information technology, it is a hot topic to carry out the scientific, comprehensive and efficient management of the complex and complicated archives management. At present, enterprises and institutions in order to enhance their competitiveness, all units customize and purchase various business applications in high-tech scientific, standardized management. As a manager of a real estate agency, real estate intermediary business management process and information data are needed to know as plain as pointing to their hand. This paper mainly discusses the theoretical basis and design idea of housing intermediary enterprises system, and discusses the development process of the database management software. This paper mainly used the .NET Framework, SQL Server database management system and high-level programming C# development language to develop a housing intermediary enterprises system to satisfy basic business needs. This paper introduced demand analysis of the housing intermediary management system, key technologies of software system development, Client / Server Mode relational database, database analysis, system design, and system future development update.


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