Remote Monitoring System for Photovoltaic Power Station Based on Beidou

Wenping Xiao, Zhaowen Huang, Yajun Li, Yunlin Sun


In order to realize the visualization and maintenance of each photovoltaic power station, especially the distributed ones, the safety and reliable operation and data of the photovoltaic power generation system are guaranteed for the Internet and the mobile network. Statistics, the text based on the Beidou satellite navigation communication system for the development of China's photovoltaic power grid to build an effective platform. Beidou navigation system, both positioning, timing and communication functions, with a wide range of high reliability, positioning timing accuracy, all-weather and without the impact of various interference characteristics for the photovoltaic power generation system provides a safe and reliable data communication link, Which provides important guarantee for the power data, climate data and real-time monitoring of dynamic positioning of the building.


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