Research Synergy of Talent Accumulation on the Regional Economic Growth of Hainan from the Perspective of "The Belt and the Road "

Lin Wang


With “the Belt and the Road” Initiative, Talent Accumulation on the Regional Economic Growth of Haikou was chosen as the research object of Hainan province. By compared with the Talent Accumulation in Haikou from 2006 to 2015, it studies the Talent Accumulation and Economic Development in Haikou, Result revealed that the aggregation of talents and the development of regional economy can establish the relevant index system for quantitative analysis. According to the specific circumstance of Haikou, the integrated index system of talents gathering and economic development in Haikou area is established, and it is concluded that there is a clear correlation between talent gathering and regional economic development. Talent aggregation and economic development level Synergy performance for the initial synchronous growth, and then synchronized to accelerate growth, and furthermore, talent growth rate decreased significantly after the adjustment period. As the same time, it presented rapid economic development.


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