Numerical Simulation and Optimization of Casting Process for Thin-wall Long Conveying Connecting pipe

He Li, Donghong Wang, Xueling Li, Jingyu Sun, Aohang Wang, Fei Li


The long process of thin-walled conveying connecting pipe is simulated with mold filling and solidification process based on ProCAST software. The results show that the shrinkage of the connecting pipe opening of the body and the flange structure of casting pipe casting, The simulation results show that the shrinkage porosity of the pipe was located on body part and the flange structure, casting consistent with the actual experimental results. According to the simulation results, the structure of the gating system was optimized. The optimized scheme can reduce shrinkage from 30 to 10 cm3. The application of optimized pouring system is benefit to eliminating the shrinkage defect and increasing the casting yield.


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