Multi Objective Economic Emission Dispatch Using the Equidistant Approximation Algorithm

San-ming Liu, Zhi-jie Wang, Guo-dong Zhao, Jian Liu


This paper presents a method which is called the equidistant approximation algorithm (EAA) to solve the combined Economic dispatch and Emission dispatch (EED) problem with transmission losses. The equidistant approximation algorithm (EAA) is a new method for generating a concise and representative approximation of the efficient set of a nonlinear multi-objective optimization problem. For the parameter dependent ε 􀵆constraint scalarization an algorithm is given which allows an adaptive controlling of the parameters –the upper bounds– based on sensitivity results such that equidistant approximation points are generated. The results of the equidistant approximation algorithm (EAA) to solve EED are tested with three units generator power system. The results obtained are compared with the weighted sum approach and indicate that the equidistant approximation algorithm has good diversity characteristics and provides better exploration of the Pareto front.


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