The Optimal Control Theory and Its Application in Power System

Tiesheng Liu, Qiuye Xia, Yi Wei


With the rapid development of society, the progress of science and technology, computer technology through continuous improvement and perfect has been widely used in various fields. In power system, the main function of the optimal control theory is in the midst of all the solutions to find a more scientific and reasonable solution. The optimal control theory in modern control theory occupies a very important role[1]. In the control system, is the most important part of computer, computer is mainly to complete the online control, the optimal control theory to thoroughly applied to the practical work, improve the work efficiency of the power system to ensure the reliability and security of power system With the rapid development of science and technology, power system automation direction gradually, the safe operation of power system automation is decided by the control theory [2]. With the rapid development of the optimal control theory and its application in electric power system more and more deep, the existence of this theory is mainly in all solutions in the search for a suitable method. The optimal control theory is in the last century 60 s come up an idea, after half a century of development, its application in power system is perfect, the application result in power system is also very obvious.


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