Research on Early Age Concrete Temperature-moisture-stress Multi-physics Coupling Calculation Considering Damage

Erzhao Lou, Sheng Qiang


Under the coupled effect of temperature and moisture of concrete, the structure may produce a larger shrinkage deformation and stress, inducing the micro defects and damage accumulation, and leading to the attenuation of the macro mechanical properties of concrete. Ultimately, macro cracking or material damage may happen. So the coupling analysis should be done in order to describe the state of the concrete more accurately. According to the coupling principle, a concrete multiphysics coupling simulation process in early age is put forward. The corresponding calculating program is compiled based on the above process. The example calculation results show that: (1)the difference of moisture diffusion in the surface and the internal is easy to form a large humidity gradient in the concrete surface area; (2) the stress field calculated will be more consistent with the actual state of concrete, considering interaction between the temperature and humidity field; (3) The damage will influence the temperature field, humidity field and stress field. By the simulation analysis considering the coupling, the rationality of the new program is proved. It will provide a more reliable tool for the future engineering simulation. The acquisition of some coupling parameters still relies on the further experiment research.


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