A Hybrid Storage Page Management Method Based on Thermal Perception

Feng-jun Shang, Wen-kai Wang, Xuan-ling Chen


In recent years, with the rapid development of computer technology, because the phase change memory has many advantages, like non-volatile, high storage density and so on. It becomes the most likely replacement for DRAM in the future. But it also has disadvantages, like reading and writing asymmetric. It make PCM cannot completely replace the traditional DRAM memory. Therefore, the hybrid storage system based on PCM&DRAM becomes the main direction of storage technology. In this paper, we proposed that the page partition management of heat perception is based on PCM&DRAM hybrid storage system. It predicts write-hot page. The introduction of the concept of writing distance. It effectively reduces the number of writing operations and increases the PCM life. It improves the system data storage capability.


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