A Novel Method for Doppler and DODDOA Jointly Estimation Based on FRFT in Bistatic MIMO Radar System

Derui Song, Li Li, Jianli Zhang, Xindi Jing, Xianghai Wang


This paper studies the problem of parameter estimation jointly in bistatic Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) radar system. For moving target, the echo often contains time-varied Doppler frequency. Thus, this paper proposes a new signal model and a novel method for parameter estimation in bistatic MIMO radar system. Firstly, an extended signal model is presented in bistatic MIMO radar. Secondly, two Doppler parameters are jointly estimated by searching the peak of the fractional correlation function. Finally, MUSIC algorithm and ESPRIT algorithm are used to estimate DODs and DOAs. Simulation results are presented to verity the effectiveness of the proposed method.


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