Influencing Factors Analysis and Mathematical Model for the Formaldehyde Emission from Plywood

Mian-Wu Meng, Wei Hong, Cong-Liang Qi, Qing-Ye Liu, Zhen-Ming Zhou, Chun-Qiang Chen, Cai-Yan Kang Huang, Si-yu


Here we fully investigated the influence of temperature, relative humidity, and frequency of ventilation on formaldehyde emission from plywood. The formaldehyde emission model of plywood was established by using Iteration method, Double exponential attenuation model and Mass transfer theory. The parameters for commenting the formaldehyde emission process of plywood are also discussed. It is concluded that the formaldehyde concentration under different general environmental conditions can be predicted from the formaldehyde mathematical model and the maximum error of formaldehyde concentrations between predicted and measured is less than 15%.


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