Effect of Salinity on Corrosion Behavior of DH36 Steel in Seawater Immersion Zone

Peng Cheng, Xian-qiu Huang


Aimed at the corrosion problem of DH36 steel in the seawater full immersion zone, corrosion environment of full immersion zone has been simulated with artificial seawater in laboratory. The corrosion behaviors of DH36 steel in the full immersion zone were investigated by using full immersion tests. The morphology of corrosion products was observed by SEM. Using regression analysis to establish the relationship between salinity and the corrosion of DH36 steel. The results showed that the corrosion of DH36 steel immersed in full immersion zone corroded seriously, the corrosion rate of DH36 steel firstly increased and then decreased with the increase of water salinity.


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