Fracture Behaviour of ODS 410L Stainless Steel using Small Punch Test

Tao Wei, Asim Zeybek, David Carr, Hanliang Zhu, Kim Lu, Michael Fitzpatrick, Bob Harrison, Lyndon Edwards


The fracture behavior of oxide dispersion strengthened (ODS) 410L stainless steels was investigated by means of small punch testing and scanning electron microscopy. The results showed that there are noticeable strengthening effects by the addition of 0.9 μm yttria into 410L steel. Small punch testing was also conducted on a specimen of ODS 410L steel with 50 nm yttria irradiated by helium ion beam with a dose of 2 × 10 16–2. The small punch test is an effective method to reveal the irradiation effects in the materials.


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