Research on Optimization Method of Transit Crude Oil Depot Dispatching Scheme in Oilfield

Lin Yang, Xinyang Li, Jian Zhao, Lixin Wei, Yu Wang


The minimum total energy consumption cost in a certain scheduling time of oilfield transit crude oil depot is the goal. In the scheduling period, tank running, holding temperature, oil output parameters and equipment combination scheme as a decision variable. A mathematical model for the optimization of the dispatching scheme of the oil depot is established. According to the structural characteristics of the model. Proposed a hierarchical optimization method combined with implicit enumeration method, genetic algorithm and two level hierarchical optimization of the hybrid optimization algorithm. This method is applied to optimize the scheduling scheme of a certain transfer oil storage depot. Results show: Through the optimization of the operation mode of the storage tank, the parameters of the oil depot external transport and the combination of the equipment. Can make the tank holding gas consumption reduced by 77%, the fuel consumption of the heating furnace is reduced by 3.9%, the oil pump power consumption decreased by 0.2%. Total crude oil storage scheduling cost reduced by 5.7%, this scheme has better optimization effect.


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