Evaluation of Structural Stability for Long Span Beams Made of Low Grade Structural Steels (SS400, SM 400, SM 490) at High Temperatures

In-Kyu Kwon


Steel structures have lots of benefits such as a fast construction period, a uniformed quality, mass production, high performance of strength, and etc. Therefore, steel framed buildings are very popular not only low-rise buildings not high-rise ones. However, the steel framed building might be met in a serious structural problem when the building is engulfed with a fire. In this study, to evaluate the fire resistant performance for long span beams built with an ordinary strength structural steel, an analytical method was used using not only mechanical properties, thermal properties at high temperatures but a heat transfer theory and a heat stress analysis. The results showed that a SM 400 was superior to those of a SS 400, a SM 490 in terms of structural stabilities such as deflections and load carrying capacities.


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