Enhanced Microstructure Homogeneity and Wear Properties of Mg–SiC Nanocomposites by Reciprocating Extrusion

Wei Guo, De Wang, Yuan Fu, Li Zhang, Qudong Wang


Three types of Mg–1 wt%SiC composites respectively reinforced with 10 nm, 30 nm, and 50 nm SiC particles were processed by reciprocating extrusion up to eight passes at 350 °C. The distribution homogeneity of grain and SiC particles were investigated. After processing, finer grain size and more uniform particle distribution are obtained along with notable improvement in hardness and wear resistance. The average grain size reduce from more than 20 m to less than 7 m. Breaking up of the nanoparticle clusters occurs through a mechanism of kneading effect for intense flow of matrix during reciprocating extrusion, and the SiC nanoparticles or smaller clusters are dispersed into the particle-free regions. The enhancement of wear property is mainly attributed to grain refinement and homogeneous distribution of SiC nanoparticles.


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