The Study of Choice the Ready Mix Concrete Materials Factory Plant

Tsai-Lung Weng, Wei-Ting Lin, Shih-Han Weng, Kuo-Tang Chang


RMC (Ready mix concrete) is one of the promising domestic private and public works of the most important materials. Its quality as a direct response to the structural strength, there by affecting the safety and durability of the building. However, in addition to the general requirements of construction industry of ready-mixed concrete plants need normative quality, lowest price but also, and more to shoulder the responsibility for the overall safety of buildings. When engineering materials procurement contract, the price is often the process is a major factor in the decision maker's, but the quality and back-end services, it is important elements of the construction unit. For between price, quality and service interaction impact or relevance, and under consideration of the purchase cost of the project should be carried out to explore the relationship. Methods the study included data collection, Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and so on. First performed description of the problem, identify the factors which influence through expert interviews and establish hierarchical relationships using pairwise comparison of the way through each questionnaire. So establish pairwise comparison matrix to calculate the maximum feature vector and matrix eigenvalues, and through consistency test to strike between the relative weight of each factor weight. In order to provide the industry's reorientation improvement and overall understanding of the current needs of the owners of lies.


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