Differences in Gradient Variations (ΔMs/ΔT) of the Chloride Ion Diffusion Coefficients between Mortar and Concrete at Different Temperatures

Tsai-Lung Weng, Shih-Wei Cho, Shih-Han Weng


This paper reports differences in gradient variations (ΔMs/ΔT) of chloride ion transport behavior of mortar and concrete, as determined using the accelerated chloride migration test (ACMT). with a water/cement ratio of 0.45 and fine aggregate volume fractions of 60%, under different environment temperatures (25, 40, 60 and 80C) were evaluated according to the passage of chloride ions through the specimens using ACMT. The Nernest-Planck equation and a modification of Fick’s second law were used to calculate the steady-state chloride migration coefficients. For the temperature at different levels of 25 C to 80 C, the chloride ion diffusion coefficients (Ms) in order of magnitude were M45>C45>SF45.


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