Experimental Study on Frictional Characteristics of Scapharca Broughtonii under Dry Sliding Wear Conditions

You Lv, Wencui Xiu, Liqun Lei, Lina Sun, Xiufang Zhang


In this paper, the friction and wear properties of Scapharca broughtonii were investigated under low-speed (5-45 mm/s) and low-load (1.5N-6N) conditions by using a micro-tribological tester. The stereoscopic microscope and computer imaging analysis system was employed to test the abrasion slide size and calculate the wear volume of Scapharca broughtonii. The worn surface morphology of Scapharca broughtonii was observed by a scanning electron microscope (SEM), and the wear mechanism of Scapharca broughtonii was obtained. Experimental results show that the friction coefficient decreased rapidly with an increase in sliding speed under low-load and low-speed dry sliding conditions. When the load was below 6N, the influence of microstructure on the friction coefficient was very small. The wear rate of Scapharca broughtonii increased with an increase in sliding speed when the load was greater than 6N. When the speed increased, the influence of load on the friction coefficient occupied a dominant position. At the same time, the wear rate was increased with an increase in load. The main wear mechanisms of Scapharca broughtonii were stress fatigue wear and three-body abrasive wear, and mild adhesive wear and abrasion.


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