A Study on Preparation of Hygroscopicity Porous Polyacrylate Resin by Adding Porogenic Agent

Hui Zhong, Hong-Jun Huang, Hong-Jing Wan, Xiao-mei Wang


Acrylic acid as the main raw material, N, N-methylene bisacrylamide as crosslinking agent, potassium persulfate as initiator, N, N'- dimethyl formamide (DMF), dimethyl sulfoxide and isopropanol as porogenic agents, porous sodium polyacrylate resin was synthesized by solution polymerization. The pore structure parameters were characterized by scanning electron microscope and mercury injection test, which was indicated that the pore size distribution was uniform, the pore was the relatively typical cylindrical hole. At the same time, it was also compared the moisture absorption property with silica gel and pure sodium polyacrylate resin, indicating that absorption performance of the porous resin was relatively excellent. Moreover, the pore size distribution of the porous resin was wider and the moisture absorption was best when the dimethyl sulfoxide was used as pore agent, which might contribute to the drying filed.


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