Cold Roll Bond of Al-St Strips with Wire Brush Surface Treatment

C. Gao, L. Li, X. Chen, D. Zhou, C. Tang


The effect of interface microstructure by wire brush treatment on the bond strength of Al-St clad strips by cold roll bonding was investigated. For the purpose, wire brush surface preparations on steel strip surface have been done before the cold roll bonding of the Al-St clad strips, and evaluate the sample bonding strength by peeling test of the rolling deformation zone. The results show that bond strength of Al-St strip by wire brush treatment increases with the total reduction increases and the threshold reduction of Al-St strip is 15%. Meanwhile the total crack area increase with the reduction. The oxide film on the surface of brittle layer hinds the metal bond and the crack between the scratch brush layer and substrate metal is the weak point and decrease the bond strength. A major feature of the bonding mechanism described in this paper is that extruded aluminum squeezed into the cracks of steel surface by normal roll pressure action, and metallic bond with underlying fresh steel metal.


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