Effect of Straw Fiber Content on Properties of Cement-Based Composite

Ji-wei Cai, Zhen Li, Si-jia Yan, Jing Li


Straw fiber is a natural polymer material to be utilized fully. Samples of cement-based straw fiber composite were prepared with portland cement and straw fiber pretreated in lye then rinsed and dried. Effects of length and content of straw fiber on properties of cement-based composite were studied by testing their apparent density, water absorption, softening coefficient, flexural strength and compressive strength. Results reveal that overall performance of cement-based composite with short fiber is better than that with long fiber. With increasing content of straw fiber, flexural strength and compressive strength of the cement-based composite decrease gradually, on the contrary, apparent density and water absorption increase gradually, and ratio of flexural strength to compressive strength at 7d decreases more obviously than that at 28d. If the content of straw fiber is limited to not more than 15wt% of cement, the composite can be used as lightweight wall material with reasonable properties.


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