The Study of Green Hotel Chains Use Green Power in Heating or Boiling System by Environmentally Friendly Technology

Ze-yung Wang


Nowadays economic business chain hotels are developing vigorously in China. To comply with the national standard on green hotel, they have also participated in the construction of green hotel actively. Therefore, it is a significance study about how to mitigate the pollution caused by the room hot water system in economic business hotels, make them develop towards the green hotel under the condition of affordable investment. No big changes on the main equipment and create the brilliant sales performance based on environmental protection and ecological conservation. The application of the refined environmental protection fuel oil in the hot water supply system of green hotels-economic business hotels can effectively reduce the air pollutant emissions in the research. Through the use of the clean renewable fuels, it can achieve the expectation of green hotels for energy saving and carbon reduction. In addition, matching the refined environmental protection fuel oil with B14G catalyst is at low cost. In terms of the combustion efficiency, due to its good liquidity and cleanness, it can be directly used in the equipment without modification, so the green hoteliers have no risk and burden to modify the equipment. For the green hotels-economic business hotels, the long-term fuel cost is still a very high burden. However, the cost of hot water produced by Model-3 refined fuel oil-fired boiler in the research reduces to USD $0.085 per MJ. Thus, it effectively reduces the operation cost of the fuel-fired boiler. Therefore, it is quite feasible for the green hotels-economic business hotels to apply the refined environmental protection fuel oil in the hot water supply system.


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